The Fashion Research Collection welcomes your donation inquiries.

Please email Collection Co-ordinator Eve Townsend at if you wish to donate funds to support the collection or have a garment that you would like us to consider accepting into the collection.

Due to limitations of funds, space and time, we can only accept garments that are in good or near-perfect condition. Ideally the donation would be accompanied by photos of the person wearing the garment and/or a full description of when it was purchased and/or worn.

We aim to fill collection gaps and also to support our goals of showcasing our heritage, innovation and diversity. We are not currently accepting donations of garments. Generally, items for donation are considered by an Acquisition Committee. Tax receipts for donations of garments may be available in certain situations. Please be advised that some donations will require a written appraisal from a qualified Costume & Textile appraiser and the cost of the appraisal is the responsibility of the donor.

We would welcome your financial support in terms of cash donations. There are substantial costs associated with accepting a donation into the Fashion Research Collection. These costs include:

1. the cost of registering, cataloguing, and photographing the garment,

2. the cost of conserving the garment to ensure its longevity in the collection,

3. the cost of storage, which can include archival storage boxes and/or custom-made muslin covers.

4. the cost of providing access to students, faculty, designers, and visiting researchers.

All cash donations to the Fashion Research Collection are fully tax deductible. Please contact Megan Skyvington in the Development Office at to make a donation of funds in support of the collection by credit card or cheque.


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