Ryerson Fashion Research Collection

Opening the closet door to a Canadian fashion archive

Adopt a Dress

There are many beautiful couture garments in the Ryerson Fashion Research Collection that would benefit from special conservation treatment to help ensure their longevity. We do not have an in-house conservator on staff, but contract out such work as funds become available.

One garment that was recently the beneficiary of such treatment is a rare and beautiful evening gown by Pierre Balmain which is named “Marie Antoinette”. The funds for this conservation effort were provided by Nina Budman.

Other garments that need conservation include:

1. a rare red velvet Dior New York jacket lined in red silk with inner Petersham belt fall/winter 1949; this jacket is frayed near the collar and as a result cannot be easily handled without causing further damage.

2. a rare orange Courreges pantsuit from the 1960s with stains on the pant legs.

3. a rare 1920s beaded flapper dress by the Paris label Jenny.

If you have an interest in helping fund the conservation of these rare and beautiful artifacts, please contact Ingrid Mida at ingrid.mida@ryerson.ca.



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