The Ryerson Fashion Research Collection is located in the School of Fashion at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. This facility is not open to drop in visits, but undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and visiting researchers are invited to request a research appointment. You may also visit without a specific assignment in mind, but please indicate this in your appointment request.

Please be sure to read The Dress Detective: A Practical Guide to Object-based Research in advance of your visit.

The information I will need from you in order to assist you and prepare for your visit includes:

1. What are you interested in seeing? Be as specific as possible. 

Please visit the online database at to identify up to 3  items.

You should identify an object with the object ID and a brief description. 

2. The purpose of your visit, including the class and instructor and/or your research question.

3. When is your assignment or project due?

4. A screenshot of your schedule or your general availability.

For appointments and questions, please email Eve Townsend at Appointment requests will not be accepted by phone.

Appointments are limited to afternoons on selected days of the week. Not all requests can be accommodated and same day appointments are not possible. Please allow 2-3 working days for a reply. 

Please bring paper, pencil (no pens allowed), and a camera and/or sketchbook. Laptops are also allowed.

No food or drink is allowed in the facility.

Photos are permitted but no flash photos are allowed. Photos may be taken for research purposes only. Photos for publication should be cleared with the Collection Co-ordinator.

Clothing may NOT be tried on. 

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