Ryerson Fashion Research Collection

Opening the closet door to a Canadian fashion archive

FRC Team 2015-2016

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I am delighted to welcome two work-study students to the FRC team. They are Alys Mak-Pilsworth and Millie Yates. Both are upper year Fashion Design students with full schedules and big dreams, but there is a saying – give a busy person a task to do and there is no doubt that it will get done. Their talents will be used to best effect in helping me enhance the access and profile of the Fashion Research Collection.

Alys Mak-Pilsworth

Alys Mak-Pilsworth


Millie Yates

Millie Yates

We have big plans to add more images to the FRC website and create an enhanced social media profile. Stay tuned for exciting enhancements.

Author: Ingrid Mida

Curator, Dress Historian, Collection Co-ordinator of the Ryerson Fashion Research Collection, Part-time Lecturer, Lead Author of "The Dress Detective: A Practical Guide on How to do Object-based Research in Fashion."

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